Love yourself….





I  went to bed a couple nights ago and this song started flying in my head and heart.  The next morning was still a swimming in my heart.  When a song comes at you from out of know where it is clearly a message. The trick is to figure it out.

I talked to my sister about this and as always she helped me. She is my rock and I love her so.  We are both on a different path in our lives and we balance each other out.

For me the message was that I need to love myself completely. Being honest I have been struggling with this my whole life.  I am the oldest of three and growing up I focused on looking after my brother and sister.  Yes, I had my friends and was active in school band and things school related. But I put on the mask that I was alright. I imagine this is why I did not date in school and I am okay with this now.

Light bulb moment was the song .  I have to love myself first completely and utterly before I can feel whole as a person and be truly happy.  I am on a daily basis working on it.  I will get there.

So to the meaning of the song. For each of us we take it to heart and figure it out for ourselves. For me it is saying  everything is going to be alright. I am okay with this. I will focus on myself, listen to my heart and kick ass following  my passion.  Its time !!




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