No Rewind Button

Have any of you had a moment in your life when you spoke and immediately feel the sudden urge to back peddle?

When this happens we feel so horrible and may retreat into ourselves as to not have to deal with it. Rightfully so, the person we have hurt is upset, stunned that this actually just happened.

It is so hard to get up the nerve to go make things right. We are worried how they will react when we go back. Our minds play over and over in our minds how it could all go down. Will they accept our apology or will they just walk away from us to never speak to us again?

We may even try and convince ourselves that we can wait till another time. There is no better time tho we are not promised a tomorrow. So just take that journey to our fate.

Perhaps this is meant to be that they walk away but them leaving should teach us a lesson. To be humble and always speak from a place of love not out of ego or hate.

We are all human and make mistakes and let our ego get in the way of our hearts. Be honest with yourselves. Every single one of us has at one time or another done this either on purpose or not thinking before we speak.

Its going to be hard but in the long run you will feel better for it. If the offended person never speaks to you again and walks out of your life then so be it. Their part of your journey is over. Live and learn from it.






One thought on “No Rewind Button

  1. Nice post! You’re right Terry everyone has had moments of unkind behaviour where our actions or words hurt someone. Whether it is an instictual or purposful reaction is not the point. Did we make an effort to correct the damage done and learn the lesson. That is the ultimate point.

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