Pay it Forward

Good morning to you all.  Today I want to share a video about paying it forward. Life can get in our way but do take the time daily to notice all the opportunities that make themselves known to us.  Sometimes just a smile is all it takes to make someones day.  We have no idea the hard times anyone is going through. It could stop them from quitting their jobs, walking out on their families or just plain give up on life in general.

Its not our place to judge anyone for any reason at all. We are all a paycheck away from hard times. I for one have learned this first hand and it is so hard to hold your head up. Having people there for me was a true blessing.

Last summer I was living in Portland .On my daily walks I came across a homeless family living under a bridge.  Just a family on hard times . I took them food everyday just a few can goods, bottle water, candy for the little boy . One day I took  them a blanket and a flashlight. I did this for several weeks and then one day they were gone. I want to believe they found their way.

So let me encourage everyone who is reading this to make it a point everyday to reach out to those who touch your heart.  You will know just listen .

Have a great day.. Be safe.


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