Nothing just happens

We all have those days where we question and whine to ourselves saying why me, life is not fair, I am a good person and so on and so on. But as this video says Nothing  Just Happens. I have been down this road for sure but somewhere along the way I realized that it brought me to where I am in my  life today. We meet people who are meant to cross our path and us to cross theirs. How on earth can you help someone, encourage them if you have no idea what they are going through?  Think on this for a second really think.  None of us are better than anyone else. We are all equal just on different journeys .

Alot has happened in my  lifetime and I would not change one single thing. I honestly would not!   I believe in my heart of hearts that everything that happens is a lesson and the trick is to pass that class so we do not half to go through it again. Believe me when I say this learn or go again. Everything we want is on the other side of fear.

So please if you fall down get back up. Its so worth it.

Be safe and see you soon.







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