Today’s Daily Draw

I am sharing ” Elementmindbodyspirit” post from today.. This has been my life all day today. Everything falling into place and have energy to burn. Thank you



Son ~ Ace

Don’t you just love the days where everything just clicks? It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, it could be at work, home, sharing time with friends, everything simply falls perfectly into place. Today is going to be one of those days. I was lead to draw two cards, and their message is that we have creativity to burn today and we should pour ourselves into whatever strikes our fancy. Whatever that thing is, can not help but go well so be confident and get going! We may even find ourselves learning something new about ourselves and where we are headed. This should be a good one, enjoy!

Today’s Universal Number

As the numbers go today is charmed. It is the 11th and the Universal Number is eight. The eight is a number of power, success and organization. Eleven is a gateway to higher consciousness. There is…

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