Memories of Dad..


Today would of been my dad’s birthday.  Well, I guess it still is . He is just celebrating on a different plane.  I have felt his presence all around me today.  He has been speaking to me in my heart and soul. Dad had a special bond with my brother, sister and I.

I have been thinking on memories of him things that he and I shared just between us. I posted a Happy Birthday post today on Facebook for him. My cousin made mention of a memory she has of him.  This made me feel so very happy. To know how many people’s lives he touched.

Yes, dad shared his never lessons with the three of us but he also shared so very much more .He taught us what hard work is to take pride in what we do.  He taught us to love unconditionally and not judge others in any way shape or form.  Oh , and to smile always smile. He is famous for his shit eating grin.   In my minds eye that is what I see when I think of him.   To everyone who knew him remember the “Smile”.  Life is to short to not smile . Yes, we have our down moments and feel like giving up.  But trick is to keep getting back up.

This last year has been a long road for me.  Many changes , Many adventures.   So for him I am attaching this song for him.   Make every second count.

This is not Good bye.  Just see you on the other side Dad.   I know you will be there with that grin and you will say to me”  Bout time you got here!”







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