Lost.  What do you think of when you hear this word?  There are so many different kinds of being lost.

When I think of the word as of lately I think of the homeless in the city where I live.  I ride public transportation alot and see it all over the city.   This is something that is heart wrenching for me.  For many reasons it upsets me .I have been in their shoes years ago maybe not to this degree but I so understand what they are going through. The utter feeling of being so lost.

Something needs to be done .  This is a disgrace.   Shame on people for not doing something to help them.   Some would say they are there because to proud to work or make their own way.  Stop it people.  Everyone  is a paycheck away from living on the streets.

I have found a way in my own way to help with this.  Not far from where I live is a homeless family living under a bridge.  A couple of months ago I walked up to the store in the rain and saw a woman standing with a sign asking for money or food.  I told her I had nothing but would be back. When left store she was not there.  So headed home.   Low and behold she walked up from under this bridge. I gave her some bottled water and food.  The look on her face was so worth it.  She grabbed on me and cried and cried. She told me they lost their home due to her husband losing his job.   I am not going to give out their names here out of respect for them.

I made it a point to go back every few days to check up on them.   To talk and lend support.

A few weeks ago I walked up there and this family was gone.  I gave a sigh of relief and I pray they are alright. That they found their way.

Smile at that homeless person you come into contact with .  Even a smile will help . But if your led to help in some way by all means do it.  Be the angel for them.

This is most certainly a big deal .  Help our own people .


Have a great day..






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