Hello everyone.  I have been thinking last few days of a topic or something from my heart  to share with you all. Then this morning I got a text from my sister and she gave me my answer.  She knows me so very well.  So Sharon thank you.  I will share some of my life experiences with you.

I have told  you all I have been in the medical field for the better part of 40 years in one way or another.  I have been with hundreds if not more of  sweet souls as they made their final journey. So with this I want to share some of them with you today.  I am not going to in any way shape or form preach at anyone. Your personal beliefs are your own and I respect this.

I have mentioned this sweet lady in a previous post but will again. Her name was ” Miss Ellie”.  She lived in a home in Texas. Its been better part of 30 years since she flew away but I was with her at the end.  It was the most beautiful passing .  She kept looking up at the ceiling and kept over and over telling me it was so pretty. She clearly saw the other side.   And yes I was bawling but you know what she was so at peace.  I was holding her hand and she looked me dead in the eyes and told me when my time comes she will be there waiting for me. I do not doubt this at all. She will be there waiting for me to greet me.

Of all the souls I have been with at the end they always look up to the ceiling.  One gentleman .He was in the next room next to ” Miss Ellie”.  I do not remember his name anymore but I tell you his crossing was not a good thing.  I was feeding him his breakfast.. and to this day I remember what it was.” Oatmeal”.  He grabbed my wrist and thought for sure was going to break it.  He latched on and eyes bugging open super wide . Staring at the ceiling..  Gasping “Dont let them take me!!”.  He was absolutely terrified.

I do remember I got up in his face and kept telling him over and over make peace make peace .  But he could not hear me it was way to late. He was so focused on what he was seeing.  I do feel  he did not cross into a happy place.  The whole room got so cold and a creepy feeling.

I do have so many more stories and things to share with you.  I want to share with you things I have seen and felt.  I will post another one here really soon.

If you have any questions do ask me..

Have a blessed wonderful afternoon.






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