Time .  Most of us really do not think on this word. Time.  Or we think the opposite . I ( we) have all the time in the world. I can do this tomorrow. I can do this next month. Whatever it is.  Wake up people.  Tomorrow may never come.

Lately I have been going through some things and have so very much on my mind.  It all boils down to this word.  Time.   So I kick my own tail and come back . To focus on what it is I want for the rest of my life.   One step at a time.   Its in the down moments you discover who you are . Then you have someone say something to you and it snaps you out of your funk.  I have so been in this funk.  I will admit it.

I must be positive. We must all be positive. We all know better.. So take your Time and use it. Do not waste it.



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