Find your Passion



What is it you have always had a deep gut wrenching desire to do?  Be honest with yourself and really think on it.  It can be one thing or many things but something will jump out to the front of your heart and soul.  This is more times than not your reason for being here.   For some of us we push it to the back and do other things.  We think we have to be practical and say go for the easy thing or what so and so thinks we should do.

You know what forget what others say it is your life and live it on terms.  Take that shot and go for it.  If you fail you fail but at least you tried.  Yes, listen to others and hear them out but at the end of the day its your decision to make.

For me I always wanted to be a mom and this happened and I am blessed.  And then when got older wanted to find a way to help people.  I grew up and have been in the medical field in one way or another most of my working life.   I just knew in pit of my stomach something else was missing.  I wanted more. I found it years ago but pretty much have kept things to myself aside from my brother and sister who also understand it and am daily striving to get better and better at it.

I am in process of putting down some thoughts to share with you all.  I am going to tell you my story.  Really tell it.  I am not one to open up to people unless I fully trust and let you in but I am going to go for it.  Honesty and letting it out there will I believe help me to better live my purpose here.

So with this have a great weekend and find a way to make someone smile today.






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