Forgive and Move on.

Yes, it is hard to forgive and move on.  Only you can embrace your destiny and can not go there if hanging onto the past and pain back there.  Live the second half of your life full and whole and alive.   I for one am trying and I am getting there.   Baby steps some days but its a step.    So take that first step.   Embrace it.  Do not let your life slip past you.     You can do it.



One thought on “Forgive and Move on.

  1. Very good video. I had to finally shred my ex-husband’s cards and nasty and/or manipulative letters. I knew I was holding onto them for the drama and I was working to overcome my chaos addiction. You can’t move on until you confront your past. However, holding onto your past as a comfort blanket is to look past the people, places and things that can bring real comfort and joy into your life. Your comfort zone is not always a good place if it is filled with conflict, isolation, chaos and/or drugs and/or alcohol as soothers. It is just what you are accustomed to. Moving out of that zone will be uncomfortable at first but as you replace the negative with positive, it will be quite rewarding and you will find that your life is joyful which may be a feeling you have never experienced in your life. Try it, you will like it.


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