Yesterday’s Junk







This is an interesting topic, ” Yesterdays Junk”. Think on this we all have it the baggage from yesterday that we allow to drag us down.  We think on it and we stew on it and are miserable and then feel like a failure.

We all must be honest with ourselves that we are guilty of this. Its called being human. I am guilty of this. Yes, it upsets me when I catch myself doing this . I will fully admit I am super hard on myself. Being patient is not one of my strong qualities.  But you know what everyone tomorrow is a new day.

This junk I speak of can be anything.  Its different for everyone.   How do we stop thlis mad cycle?  I personally think its wake up each day and push on and move forward.

For me I have found that you can find someone you trust and have a good talk. I myself have a few people I know I can contact at any given moment and have a good talk.

One other thing that works for me I would love to share with you all is this.  Everyday I get a hour or two at work and I take a long walk. I usually end up at the park where I find a spot to sit and enjoy the peaceful sound of the trees.

So do try and remember yesterday is gone.  There is no going back.  Let it go and move on into your tomorrow.  Its beautiful there.

I do hope this has helped you today with your journey. Keep smiling and have a great evening.

Till next time.







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