Life and Adventures


Years ago my dad had this saying he would tell my brother, sister and myself.  He would say ” Life is an Adventure so enjoy the Ride.”

I have tried the majority up until present day to live by this. Yes, we all have our day to day struggles but do try and remember these amazing words of wisdom from my dad . It does help. I will not tell any of you how to live your life because it is yours to live.

My sister is the reason I am here on Word Press.  She has known our entire lives how very much I always wanted to write.  With much prodding and poking  here I am. I am so thankful and am entirely grateful to her for this.

I have not been on here in a couple of months . Life happens and I let it get in my way.  I am back and will continue on this journey of my life.

I trust in some way this helps those of you who read this.

Have a blessed evening.


See you soon.











See you soon.



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