12112409_631640050312617_6107690013967796294_n What do you think about when you hear this word? Do you think  about what is happening in your world at this very moment?  Do you think about what happened in your past ? Or perhaps fearful of what will happen down the road in  your future .

For me personally Fear is doubt. Now I am not saying I do not have my wigging moments where I am not fearful for some reason but over time I have learned how to snap out of it.  Snapping out of it is realizing that to be afraid is not trusting yourself to conquer anything that has come up in  your life.

Could be as simple as Fear of Failure.  Fear of not being loved or in love. Fear of not being successful.  Just Fear of life in general.

Why be afraid ?  Why waste any bit of energy on this? Honestly, Why?

So take that leap! Go for what your hearts desire is. Its your life so live it. Then down the road after we are all gone our loved ones and friends will remember us and  how we fought the fight lived our lives to its fullest.

Living with no regrets.

Do not let anyone or anything stop you. Take the chance. Listen to your gut and you will be so glad you did.





2 thoughts on “Fear

    1. It was for me to a degree as well. I have always wanted to write but never really pursued it. My sister actually gave me the push. I have not posted anything in a couple of weeks but for sure have several started. Life has gotten in the way for me but I do know this should not stop me but I will get better. have a great day..

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