Seize the Day


For us each of us the phrase “Seize the Day” is different. I have been thinking lately on life and where I am at this point. Have I done everything I wanted to do? Being honest with myself I have to say no I haven’t. I always wanted to take a cross country road trip and learn to ride a motorcycle. I still have time and health on my side so I can still do this.

At some point we all wonder what we will leave behind that generations to come will talk about?  I for one want to be remembered for my tender heart, for helping people and my “Damn the Torpedo’s” way of thinking. I enjoy going full bore into the unknown. I also like getting what I want when I want it. When things do not go my way I tend to get all upset but this is something I am learning to deal with day bye day. (Insert Chuckle)

We all have dreams of what we want out of our lives. Make your dreams a reality. What are you waiting for? Seize the Day, Damn the Torpedo’s!

Make each day count. Don’t leave this world with regrets. I would rather leave it shouting “What a rush” than wishing I hadn’t waited for the right time.

Seize the day.


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