Light Bulb


Things, what do you think of when you hear this word?  Every soul on this spinning ball has a different definition of the word. It could be money, new toys, like a cell, a new car or home. I for one have never given much thought to ” things”.  Life should be so much more than this. There are people out there in the world who have little to nothing but are so very happy.

Why? You may be asking yourself. I believe its because they look at the world through different eyes. I have experienced so much in my life that has brought me to the realization that ” things” do not matter. Things wont bring you happiness. Only you can do this for yourself. Has anything happened in your life to bring you to your light bulb moment?  Really think on it. Be truly honest with yourself.

For me my light bulb moment was years ago. My family and I lived in Houston. We were experiencing some pretty hard times and needed some things to get us through till pay day. So I prayed on it like I always did. I did this on my own not telling anyone what i had prayed for.

When we went to church the next week we were told someone had left a bag of groceries for us and in this bag were the three little things I had prayed for. Something as simple as this made me realize how precious life is and how important the basics of day to day life are. Those three things I prayed for were, a bar of soap, a light bulb and roll of toilet paper.

When I opened up the bag of groceries and saw those three little things, I was so thrilled and knew at that moment how our thoughts do become our reality.. So with this I want to tell you all  do not be afraid to pray for your day to day needs.  Sometimes praying leads to a light bulb moment and your needs will be met.


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