Lifes Doors


On this crazy spinning ball we all live on we come across many doors. It can be hard to know which door to walk through.

We have to choose which one and sometimes we get confused. Do I walk through the door to this job or go to college. Its all about choices. Follow your gut people. Your angel guides are with you every step of the way. Your gut is going to be accurate more often than not, so you just gotta listen for the guidance and never doubt yourself.

Easier said than done I know.

You can chose a door that leads to a new job that you do not want .If that’s the case, well you know what, don’t do it!  You have got to be happy and no job is worth it if your not.  Some folks would say but I need to pay my bills. Well find a new way, one that will make you happy. Sometimes you gotta do it  and I fully understand.

I have worked many jobs I truly did not love. I have mentioned in previous blogs how my background is in the medical field. I would get burnt out and go to a new job that I thought I would be happier doing but I always went back to my hearts desire.
Right now I am working a job I am not liking very much at all but am there because it is needed for now. My heart is telling me to go back to my passion and when the time is right I will close this door behind me and open a new one that leads back to what I am passionate about.

So find your passion and open the door that will take you there.


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