Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast. What do you think about when you smell this? Do you think nasty? Do you think throw it away and make a new piece? Take a step back and really think about this question.

For me the smell of burnt toast brings back a memory for me of my Grandma. I see her sitting in the kitchen with burnt toast in a bowl of milk.This was her breakfast and she loved it Something someone else would see as nasty or bad and throw it away.  You can take this with so many things in life.That pair of shoes you wore just once or twice and then toss.That hoodie you bought because you had to have it! Then wear once and time to get a new one.

It is all bottom line the way you look at things. Your mindset with everything. Life is so much more than things.That new car. That new pair of shoes. I am not saying in any way shape or form it is not nice to have things. Everyone deserves a new pair of shoes or that cool hoodie. But step back and think when your done with your old what do you do with them. Don’t let things just sit in your closet and collect dust. There are so many places to donate them.

Life has so many “Burnt Toast” moments. Its all in how we look at things. We all get to choose how we look at these things.  your neighbor gets the new car. You are still driving the rusted out gut bucket from ten years ago.

Burnt toast here we go again!


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