A Smile


Humor. What is it really?  A good deep belly laugh is so refreshing. There are so many kinds of laughter.  A good joke makes you laugh.  Looking at yourself after you said or did something which in your eyes is so stupid you laugh at yourself. My dad used to say, ” Keep your sense of humor at any cost”.  Now he literally did not mean at any cost like find the humor in something if it hurts someone. But have fun along the way of your journey.  Life is to short to not have fun . Yes, we have to be serious and be responsible . As much as this sucks its called being a grown up.  But come on now if you can not laugh and have fun along the way what is the absolute reason to be here.

Have you ever been out and about in your day to day life and ran into some stranger who you locked eyes with and you just smiled.  This is called connecting as far as i am concerned. Something as simple as a smile. I have a good example of smiling at strangers.  The other day my son and I went to the store to pick up a couple of things and this older gentleman was walking to his car with the cart and clearly was having a hard time. My son asked him if  he needed help and the man just smiled the biggest smile and said no thank you I  have to go back inside I forgot something. But as he walked away he said to my son you can have this cart tho if you need it. This man’s smile went a long way for each of us.

Always reach out to strangers folks.  We are all on this journey together and must find away to help other . Even with a smile and if laughter can be thrown in there all the better. When you think about it, what could a smile do? Perhaps this stranger is having a hard day and a smile could just be what they need to get through the day.

Back to laughter and the whole humor thing. Laughter clearly heals your soul.  Laughter cleans out the crap that can come in and discourage you from even trying anymore. This is where humor comes into play. When I am having a rough day provided I can focus and not dwell on the things that are bugging  me I will hear my dad saying, ” Keep your sense of humor at any cost”.  He was so right!

So whatever life throws at you look up at the sky and thank the universe for it.

Smile. Laugh.. Life is to Short.


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