Reach Out

When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up and become a mommy. When I got to high school  my dreams changed and I wanted to be a nurse. So one of my first jobs out of high school was working in the medical field.  I got the bug and stayed in this field for the most part up until present day.

I found it very rewarding. I have so many memories of some of these sweet souls and was so blessed that they shared a part of their life with me.

Over the years I’ve worked in a variety of places. From nursing homes, to hospitals to assisted living facilities. I remember one sweet soul in particular. Her name was Miss Ellie. I had gone in to work and my charge nurse asked me to sit with her because she was actively dying and had no family.  I held her hand and she told me not to cry. I was thinking, how could I not! I knew the time was getting close as she squeezed my hand . It was then at this point that she looked up to the ceiling and got the biggest smile on her face. Such peace came over her.  and she said, ” It is so pretty, do you see it?”  I of course told her no.  She at this point took a deep breathe and said to me, ” Terry when your time comes I will be waiting over there bye the water for you” and then she was gone. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when my time does come she will be there waiting for me. I was blessed to know her and after the better part of 30 years  I have never forgotten her.

There are so many ways to reach out to people.  You do not have to literally be at someone’s bedside at the end of their journey.  Visit shut in’s. Reach out to someone in a nursing home, just go for a visit and find the souls who do not get company.

One more memory

Many many years ago I worked in a nursing home. It was my day off and I had to run into work quick. I had my daughter with me. There was a resident sitting outside her room rocking herself back and forth and my daughter asked what she was doing.I told her she was rocking her long ago baby. The next time she came to work with me, my daughter asked me if she could bring in one of her baby dolls for her.. What a kind sweet loving thing to offer. So my daughter gave her one of her baby dolls and this woman lit up like a Christmas Tree. Having her baby in her arms calmed her down. she never let anyone touch it. she took it everywhere.  I was and am so proud of my daughter, it was a sweet gesture from such a young girl.

So Reach out .  You will be Blessed.


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