Chapter One

At age 7 my grandmother on my fathers side of the family passed away.  This was my first experience attending a funeral and I had no idea what was going on. My dad picked me up and told me to kiss her goodbye.  I remember asking him why. He told me she went on a trip and one day I would see her again.  This really puzzled me and I could not understand what he meant. I heard people there at the funeral home speaking of death but to me still no clue. Not really after all I was only 7 . All I knew was grandma was gone and was no longer coming over to take care of my sister, brother and I.

This is when I started thinking and trying to figure out the whole death thing.  So for next few years I thought about it alot!  I had a memory just now pop into my head.  Going through Saturday Catechism Classes a nun was teaching the class and she brought up death and how we need to follow the ten commandments.  She looked at me and asked me if I was afraid to die . I straight up told her NOPE.  She had such a puzzled look on her face and again tried pushing how we should be afraid to die . I told her why would someone be afraid to die if your are at peace with God and yourself ? She did not like what I had to say.  Not in anyway at all.

I was so sincere about what I had said, and for her to keep pushing being afraid to die just really upset me.  A loving God does not want us afraid.  A loving God wants us to be happy and at peace. I do not remember if it was at this time or at another Saturday class but I asked this nun where could I get a Bible. She told me if I had any questions about the Bible to ask our Priest. I just wanted one of my own and for Christmas that year I received one.Then I really started reading and the next chapter in my life ” TRULY” began.


One thought on “Chapter One

  1. I love this.I can understand a 7 yr old getting curious.I really like that you decided to research this and ask for a Bible. I cant wait to read the next chapter.Ill be looking for it.


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