From moment we are born life’s chapters begin. The chapter of starting school, then high school and graduation. Should I go to college or get a job? Then the chapter should I marry and start a family. So many chapters, so many decisions to make.

Sometimes the chapters are hard and you get knocked on your tail and in this moment you have to choose do I get back up or give up. I have lived through many tough chapter’s and  will freely admit I have had those moments where I did not want to get back up!  One particular chapter comes to my mind I want to share with you .

It was late on August 25th,1987 Somewhere in the night I woke up feeling such sadness and I laid there and thought on it and heard a voice  I do not know to this day if it was God himself talking to me or an angel guide but the message was ” Your dad is going to be leaving you”.  I sat up in bed and screamed,” NO” and did my best to shake it off.

The next morning I went to work as usual and all day kept thinking about  what had happened the night before. The morning moved along and at noon my charge nurse told me I had a phone message  I brushed it off because I only had a couple more hours and I didn’t want to hear what I already knew. When I got home and called the number the nurse had given me.  It was the Michigan Police. The officer told me my Father had died and to call home. So I called home and my ma told me that dad had died the night before.  I was in shock . Completely numb and in utter shock.  A few hours later I was on my way back home to Wisconsin.

The next couple of days were a blur.

At the funeral home people were  commenting that  Dad was wearing a suit and tie. He hated suits and ties! Dressing up for him was wearing a turtle neck and dress slacks . Its strange how after all of this time I still remember this. Life can be funny like this.

When the services were over I stayed behind . I needed time with Dad.  I stood there staring at him and that damn tie. I wanted so badly to take it off!!!. I laid my hand on his chest and leaned down and kissed his forehead and said ” Good bye Dad I love you”. I reached down and started to take off that stupid tie . As I started to take it off I heard Dad say to me”  Leave it Terry. Humor your mom its okay”. So i left it .

After I went home I literally tried willing myself to die.  All I wanted was to go be with Dad. So for awhile I did a whole lot of nothing, went through the motions of life and only did what I had to.  About 6 months later I was running errands and was at the local grocery store and I saw a man who looked exactly like Dad. It was his straight up twin. Right down to the same glasses, the way the walked and dressed. This man turned around, looked at me and we locked eyes. It seems like it was forever  looking into each others eyes . He smiled the biggest smile!  It  was in this moment that I, realized it was time to snap out of it go home and be a mom again. I smiled because I realized that Dad found a way to come to me and let me know everything was okay. He is always with me!.

Our loved ones who move on into eternity are never gone from us.  They are only a whisper away.

We just have to listen and keep our eyes open.


3 thoughts on “Chapters

  1. I love this story, and understand what you are saying to your readers.I too, have had a similar story. I am pleased that you didnt give up. Our loved ones that have moved on are always with us, no mattwr the situation. They will never steer us in the wrong direction. We must always be positive, as we go through lifes chalenges. Thank you again for sharing this, and I look forward to reading more.


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